Classic Cars for Sale

One service within Adaptive Vehicle Solutions Ltd you may not have been aware of, we specialise in Sourcing some of the rarest Classic Marques. Whether you have a classic car for sale or you are searching for the likes of the iconic Jaguar E-Type, a rare Shelby Cobra (original) or even a Ferrari Dino – we can help.


Maybe, you are not looking to acquire a 50 year old masterpiece, but something with a modern touch, Aston Martin Vanquish, Ferrari 575M through to the ever appreciating Porsche 911 series.


It does not stop there, with a wealth of experienced contacts within the Classic Car industry, we can safely say, if it is out there, we can find it.



Maybe you have already completed the first step and acquired a Classic Car previously for sale, assessed the current market place, and you may feel, now is the time to obtain a valuation to Sell Your Classic Car.


With a combination of our expert experience internally and access to a specialist network of Classic Car Collectors, Valuers and Inspectors, we aim to achieve the maximum value for your vehicle(s) for sale.


Vehicle Inspection

Making sure you have chosen the right vehicle can always be difficult and at times even, stressful. Here at Adaptive Vehicle Solutions we aim to alleviate the stress out buying / selling a car. How? – It is simple, we are able to organise a professional and thorough vehicle inspection on behalf you, our client.


All aspects of the vehicle are taken into consideration during this appraisal process including coachwork, mechanical and the maintenance history of the vehicle.



Whether you looking Buy a Classic Car or Sell a Classic Car, Adaptive Vehicle Solutions can arrange a specialist transportation service, this will be either delivery of your new vehicle or collection of your existing vehicle. To preserve the vehicle we recommend a closed truck is utilised. This will ensure the vehicle remains away from the elements and arrives just as it was before transportation.


If you are currently looking to buy a classic car for sale, please continue to fill out this simple form of what you are looking for. One of our sales specialists will be in touch shortly.

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